Black Mirror

Have you all been watching Black Mirror? This show is amazing. I can’t help but think about one of my previous courses when watching this show. In that course, we had to create an original product that no one has created before but our products had to be human-centered in design and we had to account for the ethical and moral aspects of the product. We also had to account for how people might use the product and if those uses were intentional in our product design. There were other things we had to look at as well, but those are the criteria that stand out to me the most when I watch the show.

Most of this tech is currently being explored, researched, and developed. Crazy, right? Not really, the internet isn’t much older than me. Actually, only 14 years older than me, or if you’re talking about the more modern internet then it’s 25 as well. Mobile phones aren’t that old either. I’m old enough to remember when mobile phones started to shrink…Crazy, huh? Well,  Black Mirror could be our future soon, but hopefully, there will have been more testing before these products are released to the public. Hopefully, society doesn’t degenerate so quickly that SPOILER we force women to become porn stars when they can’t perform well on a competition tv show. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a porn star, as long as it is your choice and no one is forcing you.  SPOILER OVER.

I actually am a little interested in transferring consciousness, but then that makes me wonder, what is consciousness? In season 2,  I believe the show explored uploading a makeshift consciousness of someone’s internet interactions into a clone-like thing, but the person’s personality wasn’t there. There are still many things to think about when it comes to moving consciousness and personality to an inanimate object. Personally, I think personality is both nature and nurture so simply extracting my mind from my brain won’t recreate me, just the natural things any living human might think, but not my personality that creates me.

Eye implants and contacts which record our daily lives have already been explored and I believe that Google and Sony have a patent for a device like this.  Check it out. For the record, I am not cosigning any of this. I think there are many things that could go wrong but I do think it’s cool to see how technology can be used. Take Pizza Hut, for example. Last week, they announced they would be introducing driverless vans for delivery.

“Proud to be part of the new @Toyota e-Palette Alliance and continue our commitment to providing the best pizza experience in the business.”

Well, all I can say is that similar pizza delivery vans were responsible for several deaths on Black Mirror, but good luck Pizza Hut.  To see more about how Black Mirror is becoming real, check out’s video, and if you haven’t, check out Black Mirror too!



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