Creative Mornings

Hey y’all!

Last Friday morning I went to this delightful little thing called Creative Mornings. It wasn’t my first time going, but it was my first time attending as an actual registered user. Anyway, if you’re not familiar with Creative Mornings, then head on over to their website to learn more. Essentially, it is breakfast and a short talk on a specific theme. Creative Mornings takes place all over the world and is free to everyone. Those who cannot attend in person, don’t worry, you can watch online. Every talk is on Friday. This month’s theme is death. The speaker in New York was Phil Toledano. He spoke about death and how it has inspired his work, most recently a series of photographs influenced by his DNA test and readings from fortune tellers. It was very interesting. Read more about this process here. Really, Creative Mornings is a great event. It’s not too long either. The talks are no more than 25 minutes and at the end attendees have the opportunity to pitch an idea to the audience in 30 seconds. There is also coffee and muffins and cupcakes available before the talk.¬† Find a Creative Mornings event near you and start your journey!

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