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Hey, what’s up y’all? I’m back at the same time as GOT7. This is great! Okay boom, y’all know I’m working on my master’s so that’s where I’ve been. I just completed the toughest part of the program so far and next week we go into what the professors actually think the toughest part is. Whew! Well, remember when I said to take care of yourselves first? Yeah, so I didn’t do that and my group members didn’t do that and it made everything worse for all involved. I Right before the end of this mini-mester, I realized that I wasn’t coping with the stress properly and I spent the day in Dumbo. There were about 8 or 8 weddings that day, I believe. I didn’t take photos of the brides because 1. I didn’t know them and 2. I figured they would want to document their special day with only their loved ones. head over to my Instagram if you want to pretty pictures of Dumbo in the fall. The scenery was beautiful and it really was a nice day to sit by the riverfront and clear my mind so I could finish strong this mini-mester. Grades should be posted within the week. Hopefully, I don’t fail because that will be 50,000 down the drain. Fingers crossed.

Okay so let’s get into it. GOT7 is back y’all know I love them and I just as a precaution, I know I didn’t review JJP’s album but that’s because I missed the deadline for pre-order and I couldn’t get all of the songs on AppleMusic but from what I did listen to, I LOVED it and it’s actually in heavy rotation on my AppleMusic right now because it fits with the cold  New York. Okay so 7 for7, let’s get into it.

We got the title song, “You Are”. This song is what listened to when I was in Dumbo last week and I know the premise of the song is GOT7 finding each other and getting strength to keep going from us Aghasaes/the members/the girlfriend. It was fitting for the mood, but the thing about songs like this, is I always have to be in the mood to listen to them. I either have to be really down and need encouragement, or I have to be in a really good mood already. I like the song, please don’t misunderstand, but it’s not one I would listen to frequently. Actually, I rarely listen to title track frequently on any artist’s album.

“Teenager” This song grew on me, quickly. I found myself bobbling my head to it on the F train one day. I also love the dance to it and I hope they perform it everywhere.  It really does make me feel the way I did when I was a teenager in love so many years ago lol. It’s a cute little song, and of course I love Jackson’s “yeah!”. I also love how excited JB gets when he’s performing the song, like really excited. You can tell he’s very proud of his work. See it here.  šŸ™‚

Moving on, lets go through the album from start to finish. I will not review the two single tracks.

“Moon U” is also a song that grew on me within the first minute. I find that songs with “moon” in the title are always my favorites. This song reminds me of early GOT7 for some reason. I think it fits well as the first song on the album and is a great lead-in to “Teenager”.

“Firework” is a great song for bedtime. I know the meaning behind it is bittersweet. She’s there and lovely but the relationship will end with a bang because she’s like a firework. Hopefully, I interpreted the lyrics correctly. Overall, I think the song is beautiful and it’s really calming. It’s a nice shift for what’s to come at the end of the breakup/album (This isn’t their last album. I just think it’s a metaphor for a failed whirlwind romance).

“Remember You” is another song that is nice to fall asleep listening to. It is bittersweet as well. It reminds me of that first love you have once you’ve matured and understand it better. After the breakup, you replay what went wrong but you’re not sure if anyone of you are at fault, maybe you played a part in the demise of the relationship. You wonder if you can “get that old thing back” but you realize it’s just a memory and no you can’t get it back.

“ė‚“ź²Œ To Me” I love this song. The instrumental even shows that the message is sent with a sense of urgency and it shows the frustration of the speaker. It’s placement in the album list follows the phases of a breakup/grief. Personally, and from what I’ve seen on SNS, I think this is a message to the haters, exes, fake friends, everyone within that category. Great song

“Face” The song is just as good as any other song on the album. The instrumental sounds so happy and once I fall into a nice slumber from the other songs, I get this blasting music in my ear, but that happens with all of GOT7’s albums lol. The song is actually kind of sad when you thing about it. The speaker is pining for the girl but it seems that’s he has moved on. The speaker is left reminiscing on what could have been. I do like the decision to make “we can last forever” be said in English. It adds something to the song. I’m not sure how to explain it but that was a good decision. It provides a good framing of the rest of the song and really emphasizes the message.

Overall, this is a pretty mature album for GOT7 and I love that the members got to produce their own songs. I think their individual styles and talents show on those tracks. I wish JYPE was doing more promotion for this. Seriously, the whole thing has been a circus, but I know the members know that their fans love them and will support them with or without promotion.

*Image courtesy of JYPE

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