#ManiMonday – 2-in-1: I’m Late, And A Lot Can Happen in Two Weeks

Hello friends! Sorry I’m late posting, but what’s best is you all get to see two of my manis in one post. I always lie about these being short posts, but since it is a two-in-one, expect it to be longer. As usual if you have any questions let me know.

OK! Last week, Oct. 23 – Regal Black and Gold Filigree

L.A. Girl Calcium Nail Builder
Nail-Aid 3minute Artificials
Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat
L.A. Colors Color Craze Polish in color Circuits (Black)
Orange Wood Stick
Small Nail Scissors
Pro-FX Supreme Gel Topcoat
Generic self adhesive Gold Filigree decals from Wish
Generic gold studs
Gold toned Swarovski crystals
Sensationail Gel Base and Top Coat
Sensationail LED Curing Lamp
Gel Cleanser
Lint Free Wipe

I started off with my bases (first 3 products in the list above) per usual.  I then layered 2 coats of the L.A. Colors  Color Craze Polish to the tips of my nails like a french tip. After, I used an orange wood stick to lift the decals of their backing paper and onto my nail. If any overlapped of the nail, I used small nail scissors to trim the excess. Once all decals were placed, I topcoated twice with the Pro-Fx Supreme Gel Topcoat to keep them in.

For the pinky finger, I did two coats of the black polish. After the polish dried, I added the self adhesive studs. I added a light layer of gel, and then the Swarovski crystals down the middle of the nail and cured for about 30 seconds. Topcoated with the gel once and cured for 30 seconds, and then for a second time. After the pinky was cured, I wiped it down with the gel cleanser and a lint free wipe. Post continues after pic.*

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I thought I would keep this mani for my girls weekend – I will share more about that in another post – so the next day after all the polish dried, I went through the process and topcoated with the gel. For me, this did not work. The gel just peeled off the top. I tried again the next day and it did the same thing. After the decals started to peel off and the polish began to crack, I decided to go with the red color, which leads in to part 2 of this post.

Thurs., Oct. 26:

I wanted to go with something simple. Someone suggested to me to do red or glitter nails and match the pedi, so I decided to do both. I removed all the polish off of my nails – except the pinky – with the Onyx Professional 100% Acetone Glitter & Polish Remover. The product list for this is super short.

L.A. Girl Calcium Nail Builder
Nail-Aid 3minute Artificials
Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat
L.A. Colors Color Craze Polish in color BCC 576 (Deep berry/Wine color)
Pure Ice Polish in color Hit the Floor (Red Glitter)
Pro-FX Supreme Gel Topcoat

So! This is easy. I laid down all my bases on my fingers and toes.

*Here is a tip if you have tiny toenails like me: instead of trying to polish in the regular vertical forward strokes, lay your brush horizontally along the nail. This works for me. The only toenail I polish in the usual vertical direction is my big toe because it’s large enough.

For the color, I put down two layers of the berry/wine color, and one good layer of the red glitter. After, I topcoated with the Pro-FX Supreme Gel Topcoat… and that was that! Probably the easiest nail look ever! Oh! btw, my middle finger nail on the right hand broke during my girls weekend, so I trimmed the rest of them on that hand shorter so it wouldn’t look as weird. The left hand is still long. You all can follow my journey growing my right hand back, and you’ll see just how fast they grow, along with the pinky on my left hand. Have a look at them below!

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By the time you see this post, I will be doing something very important dealing with nails… and my future in nails. So wish me luck! I will let you all know all about it soon! Until next time, keep your nails safe! 😘💅

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