#ManiMonday – Glitter and Swarovski

Hey! So this is going to be a short post! This I am sure! I’ve had a lot going on lately and so much stuff coming up in 2018. I want to share, but I don’t believe now is the time or the place. I said this to say, I wanted my mani to be simple, but look super nice.

Product list:

L.A. Girl Calcium Nail Builder
Nail-Aid 3minute Artificials
Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat
L.A. Colors Color Last Polish CNP5-Love
Claire’s Nail Polish -Wearing My Tiara (blush/pink glitter)
Sally Hansen Gem Crush Polish Bling-tastic (aqua blue)
Kiss PowerFlex Brush-On Nail Glue
Swarovski Crystals – Blue and orange iridescent
It’s So Easy – For Rhinestones Only
Sensationail Gel Base and Top Coat
Sensationail LED Curing Lamp
Gel Cleanser
Lint Free Wipe

I started with my bases in the order seen above. For all my longer nails I covered them in two layers of Love and brushed on a third layer over the tips. I then added a few coats of the blush colored glitter starting at the cuticle going to the tip and from the tip to the cuticle until satisfied with the gradient. On my shorter nails, I covered them with the Gem Crush – which I’m not even sure they still sell. (I bought this at Rite Aid ages ago!) From there, I added nail glue on each nail one at a time in the places where I was going to add my swarovski crystals. I picked up each crystal with tweezers and placed them on the nail glue.

Moving into the final stages, I added the For Rhinestones only as a topcoat over the gems so they wouldn’t budge. I then continued about my day to allow time for all of my nails to dry properly in preparation for the gel. After I was ready (I’d say about 3 hours), I came back to add one coat of the gel topcoat on all the nails and cured.

Boom! There it is.

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I believe this is one of my quickest nail posts. I like how high maintenance and princess like this manicure looks. Tell me your thoughts!

Like I said in the beginning there is much to share with you guys, all in due time… Until next time, keep those tips SPARKLING πŸ˜˜πŸ’…

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