#ManiMonday – Something Happened Here…

Hello everyone! It’s Monday again! The time when I share my manicure with you all. I say this about every week, but I truly believe this time, this post wont be long.

This week, I tried out ombre nails for the first time. Kind of like pink and white. I was going for the “baby boomer” nail look – I think it’s called. See the products list below, and I will walk you through my process.

L.A. Girl Calcium Nail Builder
Nail-Aid 3minute Artificials
Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat
L.A. Colors Color Last Nail Polish in colors Infinite and Evermore
Wedge Makeup Sponge
Orange Wood Stick
Rhinestones from Wish
Purple Chrome Pigment from Wish
Sensationail Gel Base and Top Coat
Sensationail LED Curing Lamp
Gel Cleanser
Lint Free Wipe

As usual, I start off with my bases – the first three products in the order they are listed above. I then added only one coat of the Infinite polish which is a dusty rose pink color. I then went back to add one more coat of the pink polish to my pinky nail – which broke this past Saturday 😑. After that I used the wedge sponge and painted the squared bottom with the Evermore (white) and Infinite (pink) colors and pressed it against my nails. I think I went over each nail about three times. I would actually cut off the end of the sponge if the polish started to build up and make peaks on my nails (I’m not perfect, and, again, this was my first attempt). After doing that, I only laid white on the sponge and went over the ends of the nails in a little more white so that it would be more prominent on the nails.

Seeing that I didn’t really like the blend I had on the nails, I went over them with the Rubberized base coat and let that dry. Once dry, I added the purple chrome pigment over top of all of the nails, including my stub pinky you will see below. I topcoated all of the nails, except for the pinky so I could add a gem to decorate it, so it would be special. I added a layer of gel and a gem to the center of my nail bed, cured, topcoated, cured, repeat. Then I wiped it all clean with the gel cleanser and link free wipe

Back when I first started growing my nails, if any nail broke that wasn’t one of my thumbs, I would adorn it to bring special attention to it if I wasn’t ready to cut them all off. I am currently at a happy length. I could actually go a little shorter. And for anyone still wondering why I grow my nails, it is for the art. After seeing my bare nails and my broken pinky nail, I hope you can see that without length there isn’t much for me to decorate. So! here is the finished look below and if you click through the pics, you will see the pic I took immediately after my nail broke…. Sad times, but it will always grow back!

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Until next week! Love yourself and love your nails at any length! See you next time! 😘💅


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