#ManiMonday – Something Old, New and Blue

Well hello friends! How are we all doing. I have made my return to post for #ManiMonday. My return since wearing bare nails. This week I decided to use some of the products I posted to my Instagram on Friday and a couple of old things I’d never used before. Products below.

L.A. Girl Calcium Nail Builder
Nail-Aid 3minute Artificials
Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat
L.A. Colors Color Last Nail Polish in color Galaxy
Small Nail Art Brush
Orange Wood Stick
Swarovski Crystals – Blue and orange iridescent
Holographic Cutout Deco Pieces from Wish
Sensationail Gel Base and Top Coat
Sensationail LED Curing Lamp
Gel Cleanser
Lint Free Wipe

Before I get into my process, I want to mention that I am using the curable gel – something I’ve never really taken interest in. I bought the whole Sensationail Gel Starter Kit for the light only sometime ago, and I didn’t want the other products to go to waste. So, for this mani, I decided to topcoat with this gel.

So here’s what I did. First I laid down my bases – in the order listed above. Then, I put down two coats of the L.A. Colors Galaxy all over all the nails except the middle fingers. For those, I laid down two coats of the color in a v-shaped french mani, and then cleaned up my lines using the color and the nail art brush. I let this all dry for about an hour and 30 mins because I read that the polish needs to be good and dry before adding the gel on top so it won’t wrinkle under the cured gel.

Next for the middle fingers, I added a drop of gel to each at the v points one at a time. Added the Swarovski crystal to the gel with an orange wood stick and cured for 30 seconds. Topcoated the whole middle finger nail, and cured.

For the pinky and index fingers, I worked with them each one at a time. I laid down the gel over the color, and added the holo pieces one by one. This took forever!!! After that I cured. Then I topcoated the pinky and index finger once and cured. Topcoated and cured again. While doing this, topcoated and cured the ring finger once. After, I did the same for the thumbs as I did for the ring fingers. After everything was cured, I wiped everything with the gel cleanser and the lint free wipe. And that was that…

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… Or so I thought. I had the crystals pop off a few times, so I had to lay down gel, place and cure them again. Not sure why they didn’t stay at first, but they are secure now, I think. The pictures above are before I had to have my hands in water for an extended period of time, which caused some minor wrinkling – this is why I am a strong supporter for gloves when your hands have to be in water. I prefer my manis to be perfect, but the wrinkling isn’t so bad. I can live with it for a week.

What I did learn about placing gel over regular polish is that it takes polish  24 hours to dry/solidify completely, so this might have been why  the polish was able to shrivel under the cured gel after putting my hands in water. So I’m guessing everything was dry enough for it to cure and not wrinkle, but not dry enough for shrinkage in water? Not sure, but I think at some point in time I will give another try with maybe a more simple manicure.

Do any of you guys have experience using gel topcoat over regular polish? By the way, this is one of my favorite manis this year, even with the minor flaws! In a way, I think it gives the mani a bit of character.

Until next time! Don’t be afraid to get creative or try new things! See you next week!😘💅

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