#ManiMonday – Testing Jamberry – Week 1 update

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to part 2 of testing my Jamberry wraps… and as I write this, I stupidly remember I forgot to take my before picture before updating the look to stretch for a week 2. A new reviewer’s learning curve, I guess. Well, while we are here, let me explain my journey with the Strobe Light design wrap so far. For the application process read part one of this short series here.

I did these nails last Saturday, and revamped them yesterday – so as I type, we are on day nine (counting application day).  My goal was to work with these with as little maintenance as possible, so for the most part whatever happened to them, I just let it be… unless I thought it was something major.

Sat., Sept 16  (application) – Mon., Sept. 18 (day 3) – All was perfect as seen in the pictures below. These even survived my hair wash day – shampoo, conditioner, leave in and coconut oil and tea tree mixture. I’m not surprised as I’ve had experience with the wraps lasting through this before.

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Tues., Sept 19 (day 4) I had a late meeting at work, I had to help set up for. This included helping unload and load camera equipment, moving tables, “decorating,” setting out waters among other things. At one point I slammed my thumb on a desk, just trying to set down some papers – not even a heavy stack 😑 – clumsy me right?… Anyway, when that happened, I was sure I broke it – which would be hard to do because my right thumb barely has any nail on it. Turns out the topcoat cracked, but I don’t think the nail did. We will see the real damage next week. I also had a crease in the wrap on my index finger nail after application. I had my nail bend right in that spot, while doing some other task, and I wasn’t sure if it was a break or not. Because of my curiosity, I peeled back the wrap in that part only to see. Low and behold, the wrap had saved my nail! I flattened it down and added hardener just to cover that portion of the nail not to cheat.

Wed., Sept. 20 (day 5)- Sat., Sept. 23 (day 7) Nothing major happened but there was some cracking in my topcoat, minor receding at the ends of the nails, and lifting close to the cuticle. Every now and then, it also seemed like the adhesive would be coming out from under the wraps. I feel this has a little to do with my moisturizers and products that I use in my hair. I’m pretty sure that using anything with oils or the like can break down an adhesive, much like the oils from mayo or peanut butter breaks down the sticky bond of gum in hair. This wasn’t a problem, just weird.

Sun., Sept. 24 (day 8) So yesterday, I revamped these nails. I added my a coat of my hardener, a coat of my rhinestone adhesive, rhinestones, and topcoat. Nothing special. In total, I added 4 layers of polish over the wraps and topcoat from last week. Before the day was over, I had a little scare with my pinky finger while washing clothes. So I peeled back the wrap to see if I had a crack. It was fine, so I used hardener to lay the wrap back down. Here is what they look like this week below.

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After I finish this week out, I think I will give my nails a bit of a break… if I have any left. I have been so clumsy as of late with them – especially this past week since I have not used my hardeners. I will try to do another Jamberry test soon because I didn’t quite share the full story, as I forgot to take my one week pic. I will be back on Saturday or Sunday of next week, if not before to share my thoughts on trying to stretch this mani.

Until next time, keep your hands and nails safe, and I will do the same.😘💅


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