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Well hello there ladies and gents! Are you tired of me and my nails yet? If not, no worries, you will see many more posts. If so, I apologize, but until I decide to let them go – which I do when I have a bad break/crack or I’m going through one of my phases – you will continue to see these! 😁

So this week’s post will be short and a subsequently short post next week as I am testing the limits of the Jamberry wraps. Like I’ve said before, I do like these wraps for the purposes of enhancing my nail art, but this week I wanted to give a test of the lasting power of the wrap. First of all, I will say this is not a true test of the wrap alone. The list of products and my reasoning is below.

Jamberry Nail Prep Wipe
Jamberry wrap – Strobe Light
Pro-FX Supreme Gel Topcoat
Orange Wood Stick
Nail File
Mini Blow dryer
Ziploc sandwich bag

OK. So, this should be quick to explain if you’ve followed my last two Jamberry posts – here and here.  I first filed my nail just a little for maintenance, and then cleaned all the nails with the Jamberry prep wipe. I skipped my bases… meaning no basecoats or hardeners this week, and began applying the wraps as I have in the last couple of weeks described below.

“Lifted the wrap from the sticker backing with an orange wood stick, used my blow dryer for 3-5 seconds to get the wrap warm and flexible, then I applied it to my nail, pressing it down to make sure it stuck. I, then, cut the long end and placed it back on the sticker backing to use for later and filed the excess off of the tip of the nail in a downward motion. Then, applied heat and pressure to the nail until it felt secure. “

I was able to cover my pinky nails with one wrap, and I was able to do the same with both of my ring fingers. I was not able to do that for the rest of my nails. In total, I used 8 wraps, when most will be able to use 5. That’s what happens when you have long nails!

After covering all nails, and making sure they were secure, I went nail by nail using the baggie method my Jamberry friend Lorraine introduced me to. For this, I used the sandwich bag, opened it and rapped it around the nail tightly. While the nail was wrapped in the bag, I blasted it with the blow dryer to adhere the ends of the wrap to my nail well. Because I am paranoid about my nails snagging my hair, after all nails had went through the baggie method, I topcoated everything twice making sure to seal the tips by just gliding my polish brush over the ends of my nails. And there you have it! a full Jamberry wrap mani!

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My hope is to get a good 10 – 14 days out of this mani. At the moment I don’t really have any concerns, and I am pretty confident I will get a full week out of this because of the luck I’ve had over the past couple of weeks just playing around with the wraps. My nails feel about as sturdy as they do when I’m wearing my hardeners, so that’s a good thing. I wonder will that wear down the longer I wear these. My nails are pretty sturdy but with the wear and tear of everyday life, even my regular mani’s using the hardeners start to become flexible after a while. I will be back with updates!

Btw, I have a matching pedi! Until next week, keep those nails on fleek! <– Corny I know… 😑

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