My GOT7 Turbulence in Miami Experience

While it is still fresh on my brain and there are still many things I can share from my experience at the GOT7 Fan meet in Miami, I will go ahead and share. 


First, this is my second time seeing GOT7 live. I first saw them when they came to Atlanta for FLY in USA – First US Concert Tour. That was an experience in itself that will be shared at a later time.


I was in PIT2 , so I had a pretty decent view of the stage – with my eyes at least. However, I was able to capture some video of the experience. *WARNING* – This post is laced with low quality video clips.*


The fanmeet began with GOT7 entering the stage and going to their seats to sing Let Me and Prove It.


After that, they left the stage, and  Danny Lim introduced himself as the host for the night. The guys reentered the stage, introduced themselves, and then went on to answer fan questions. This part of the fan meet was quite entertaining and funny because, for the most part, when they chose the questions they all picked questions for BamBam.


Jackson’s question had Bambam sexy dancing, and you know he wasn’t going to do it alone. So after he was done he asked Jackson and Yugyeom to do it too! 


They asked him to sing a song in English…. So of course he went to Juju on That Beat, and was compelled to dance again (lol). They also asked who would he trade bodies with… He chose Yugyeom because he was taller and he wanted to be his height, but not Mark because he was thin like him. This prompted Jackson to ask if Bam thought the other members were fat.


One of the fan questions asked JB to sing part of Holic but he explained he had a sore throat.  After questions, the guys left the stage and reentered to perform their upbeat numbers.
Then, it was time to play games. The first game they played was charades. Mark, Jinyoung and Jackson were on a team (Parkson) and BamBam, Yugyeom and Youngjae were on a team (Young & Rich <– strong eye roll here), leaving JB to guess. Sadly I don’t have any footage of this, but it was quite entertaining. Long story short, JB was great at guessing and Parkson won. The punishment for Young & Rich was the sing and dance to their part of Hard Carry on helium. It was absolutely hilarious.



Now, it was time for the game with the fans! The members and seven lucky fans would play a game where they would have to guess the song off of a single short sound. This was right up my alley because I know my songs, GOT7 or otherwise. The group members determined which fans would come to the stage buy picking numbers out of a bowl. I was super excited, but my heart broke a little every time a number was called and it wasn’t mine. 


Mark was having the most trouble finding a partner. He would call out a number and the person wouldn’t come or a girl with the wrong number would come to the stage. At one point he was standing on my side of the stage and looked me dead in the eyes, so I took the opportunity to square up and tell him to call me on stage. I just knew it would work, but it didn’t he just did his little Mark giggled and kept drawing numbers out of the bowl.  I really wanted to get called on stage, but I didn’t. The guys were super silly with their fans. It was definitely a blast, and I would have loved to have been up there.


 After the game, things were starting to wind down. They performed for us again.
They then did their good bye speeches and an encore, like they usually do. Sadly I do not have footage of their ending speeches because I take this time to connect with them and give them my full attention. I was truly proud of Jinyoung’s cute little self for preparing his speech in English. Listening to all of their kind words is really heart warming, and they truly care about Ahgase.


During the encore, I got a wave from JB,  and my heart stopped… I tried getting it on camera but I somehow managed to mess that up, but I did get some prime shots of Youngjae, Jackson and BamBam up close.


And as quickly as they whirred onto the stage, they were gone, just like that.



On to the fun part, hi-touch! So the staff was moving everybody pretty quickly, but since I have the ability to take in my moments no matter how quick they are, I remember my every second with each member.


I bias JB, Jinyoung and Yugyeom mostly, but I love them all. You can only imagine how I felt when I get in line and all three of them are lined up at the front.


Jinyoung is first, he looks at me as if he’s surprised to see me. Then it moves into a smile with his super cute eye smile. Part of me wants to say he remembers me from Atlanta or I just shocked him with how cute I was. –> Just kidding guys, but almost not really.


Yugyeom was next. Ugh! He’s so cute for a youngster. When I first get to him I’m staring into his chest because, well, I’m short. I knew he was tall, I guess I just didn’t realize how tall. I was making it a point to look each of them in the eyes. So, my eyes travel up from his chest to his chin, to his lips, and when I finally meet his eyes, all I could see is a beautiful shining boy smiling at me from under a mass of blue hair. It was shocking!


On to the heartthrob JB. He was already leaning on the table as if he was looking down the line before I got to him. When I did, I tilted my head to the side and mustered up a hi JB, and before I could get it out of my mouth he was leaning all the way on the table eye smiling and side smirking me. It was beyond attractive. I too want to say he remembers me, but then again who knows.


And, boy, Youngjae. I thought it all throughout the show, but that youngster is becoming a fine young man. When I got to him I’m sure time stopped a little. His face was so chiseled and gorgeous, and his ambery peachy  toned hair popped off his skin just right. He was kind of looking down at me trying to be cute, but I straight couldn’t take it. I told him hi and thank you and moved on.


Now, my boy Mark. He’s a cutie, and I’m sure he knew he did me wrong by not calling me on the stage during the game. When I got to him, he chuckled a bit and asked did I enjoy the show. I nodded and smiled, and that was that. I stepped away happy with the impression and new friend I had made.


BamBam, the one I hold in my heart as like a little brother or my son, thanked me for coming to the show. Somehow before I knew it, my hand had wrapped around his and I was holding his hand. I remember seeing his ring before my hand made contact with his, but as I was standing there holding his hand, I was touching it. It may not be important but, it was a band with stones all the way around. Since it stood out to me, I’ll say it means something. I looked him in the eye and told him thank you and moved along.


And then there was Jackson. Much like Mark, I think he felt as if he did me wrong. During the encore, I was trying to get his attention to grab my phone so he could share a message with Monica, as he is her bias. He looked and just walked right past me. Back to hi-touch – I walked up smiled and said hi. Jackson looked at me, smiled and grabbed my hand. I looked at him for a second. I thought he was going to say something, he didn’t so I smiled nodded and walked away. As I was walking away, not looking back, he was still holding on to my hand. I’m walking away from the table and my arm is out stretched, my hand still in his hand, like what’s happening here? He finally lets my hand slide out of his, and it all ends.


I get to the exit and grab my chest  because it’s all over. A girl runs past me crying  as I turn around to see the guys looking like tiny little untouchable creatures again.


After the show we waited around a bit for the guys. They were still fan serving in a window being precious and all.


Now was the complete end of the night where I went back to the hotel, tucked myself in and prayed that this will all happen again soon. 


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