Obsessed with Subscription Boxes – Bibimbox Korea *GIVEAWAY*

For those of you who follow me on Instagram or know me personally, you know that I love subscription boxes. There is something so nice about receiving a surprise or something new every so often! I also love shopping online, and just receiving packages for the heck of it, but that’s another story for another time.

I am currently subscribed to about three services, all of varying prices and frequencies, have a few on pause and a couple I’ve ended. The one I will discuss here is Bibimbox Korea. On their website you will see they sell monthly subscription boxes as well as have a store with separate merchandise you can purchase.  With the monthly Gold Box – which features a different K-Pop group every month or the BTS Box, you get 4-6 items for $39.99. The EXO Mini Box is $29.99. You can cancel anytime you like.

What I like about this service is you get quality items at a much cheaper price bundled than they would cost separately. In past boxes, I’ve received mugs, beanies, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jerseys, masks, photo cards and more. I will have a list of links below to my posts on Instagram so you can see some of the past boxes. Another good thing about the subscription is shipping is free worldwide. Customer service is also very nice and helpful. On several occasions they have helped me and updated me about when a shipment would be delayed and so on. They have a support email where I have dealt with them, but they are also easy to reach through Instagram DM.

To be transparent about this, I have paid for several boxes out of pocket, but I have also been gifted boxes by the company as well for winning a photo contest and as support because they have used my pictures to promote on their site and social media. At no point in time when I started posting my boxes did I think they would like my stuff enough to start using it to promote. By no means in sharing this am I trying to brag, nor did they ask me to write this to promote them. I am writing this because I enjoy their service and wanted to share this gem of a K-Pop merch company with those who may be interested. I also wanted to alert K-Pop fans who follow us here on 2 Being the Best about the current giveaway that I am doing from my most recent box. This box, yes, was gifted to me by the company, and I have no problem sharing at all. This box is for the group Seventeen, a group I don’t follow well. Since I don’t follow them, I wanted to share some of the items with someone who would actually wear or cherish them, while learning about the group from the fans who love them. In the giveaway, I am giving the lucky winner the t-shirt, mask and necklace pictured below – *not the glass water canteen.*

If you are interested in the giveaway, click the image below to enter on Instagram. All entry rules and information is listed there. The winner will be selected at random at 3 p.m. EST on Friday, September 1 and notified by Instagram DM.

Learn more about Bibimbox Korea here. List of past boxes below the picture.

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Past Boxes:

2016 October Gold Box – BTS & Shinee
2016 November Gold Box – BTS
2016 December Gold Box – Big Bang
January Gold Box – BTS
February Gold Box – GOT7
March Gold Box – Monsta X
June Gold Box – GOT7
July Gold Box – BLACKPINK
August Gold Box – Seventeen

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