Testing Jamberry – Week 2 Update & Finale

Hello ladies and gents! This post is late — especially according to the time frame I gave in part 2 of this series. I took the wraps off about a week ago and went bare for a week, and did not even give my final update. This post won’t be long because in the second week I had a lot less issues. I did not have any scares with cracking, no heavy duty packing or moving so my nails were basically safe. Because I added the hardeners and top coats over the existing coats from week 1, this made the wraps that much more durable. I had no touch-ups I needed to do this time so all went smoothly. Below is a close up picture to show how my nails looked before removing the wraps.

I believe I could have gotten another week out of these, but I was ready for that break I gave my nails last week. The only change that can really be seen in the pictures above is that the space between the wrap and the cuticle increased, meaning there was a good amount of growth. And my nails were just perfect after removing the wraps which you can check out on my Instagram.

Would I do this again? Yes! – I have plenty of wraps in different styles and time on my hands to try them.

Do I recommend Jamberry wraps? Absolutely! They are easy to use, long lasting and very stylish. If you are seriously interested, shoot me a message and I will get you in touch with the wonderful lady who introduced me to Jamberry!

Are you sponsored? No, but I wish! – All of the opinions I’ve shared over the last few weeks – whether it was this mani or other manis incorporating Jamberry products, are my honest opinion. I have not been paid or asked to share these in exchange for product. In fact, in the picture below, all but one of these sheets of wraps were purchased, and the one not purchased was a gift.

Thanks for stopping by again, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for #ManiMonday! 😘💅


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