The Trip I Didn’t Know I Needed

So, this Thursday and Friday I went to a conference in Jekyll Island for work. While I did learn a good bit of information to help me to further my career and better serve in the role I do at my primary job, I am not going to talk about that. What I am going to talk about are the unexpected surprises I experienced and my time of relaxation and fun.

I went on this trip with one of my colleagues in my department, and we surprisingly had good conversations. We talked for every minute of the nearly five hours it took us to get to Jekyll Island. We talked about all kinds of things like how we would raise future children, relationships, knowing your limits  and way more. It felt great that I was able to relate to someone I work with that well. The last person I felt that I could relate to like this at work was Miss Carrie that I worked with 2012-2013ish.

All of the courses we had when we arrived were very helpful and I learned that we all face some of the same issues when working as government communicators. This was a relief because sometimes I felt like I was the only one that had the feelings I had about my position and dealing with writing and managing social media pages for government pages. What was also helpful was connecting with some of our neighboring municipalities to get tips and ideas from them.

After the  sessions for day one, my colleague and I  decided we would go to the beach. I liked this idea, and I knew it was something we would probably do – I just  figured it would be raining so I didn’t bring a bathing suit, and I would first need to go buy one. This actually gave us a chance to explore several stores that were in the, what I believe, the Main Street area. We roamed around bought souvenirs, and I found a cute bathing suit and some breezy sweats I could wear to the beach.

The beach was beautiful. The sun was setting. Families were out. The waves were nice. It was a beautiful scene. We took our time walking the beach, playing in the water, taking in all the beauty… and a few selfies. : D In this moment, I realized I needed more moments like this. I need to travel and see things and enjoy myself. I work really hard all the time that I barely take time for myself. Yes, I get weekends, but usually in those times I just want to relax and unwind – not necessarily go any where. After this, I feel I should at least try to get away – even if it is very short – at least once a month.

We left the beach and checked-in to our hotel – the Jekyll Island Club. I loved this place. I have a thing for quirky or historic hotels and this was the place for me. The one thing I hope I get to enjoy the next time I go is to sit next to the fire pit at the bar they have on the hotel property… The bed slept well Thursday night, so I got some good sleep.

Friday, was just as nice as Thursday. We went to our courses, headed to the beach for a final look before we departed, and then we hit the road. On the way back, my colleague and I shared our frustrations, things we learned, and I think we now both have a sense that we both have each other’s backs. Hopefully moving forward we can work together to help each other grow in our careers.

It was simple, but I had a good time. I hope to make my way out to Jekyll Island again on my own time to explore more, and just enjoy the area. I am glad I got the opportunity to go on this trip for work, but so much more excited that I got to go to such a beautiful place to learn about me too. When the time comes and whatever God calls me to do next, I hope that it involves a good deal of traveling. I want to discover way more – not only the places I go, but more about myself as well. Oh! I forgot! While we were at the shops I also picked up a cute little skateboard. I know I’m a little older and I don’t seem like the type to pick up skateboarding, I think I want to give it a go. No, you won’t see me doing kick flips or ollies, but you might catch me rolling around. ?

Can you guys relate? Have you been on an unexpected, much needed trip? What did you learn about yourself or pick up? Let me know in the comments below.


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