Things I Learned Seeing B.A.P Live for the First Time: My Party Baby Atlanta Experience

Wednesday, April 5 was my first time seeing B.A.P in concert during their 2017 Party Baby World Tour. I can say that I definitely had a blast, enjoyed every moment, wish I could relive it, and hope they come back so I can see them again.

This post won’t be a total recap of my day, but I will share those things I found interesting. (Read: I will try to keep it shorter than my entirely too long post of my GOT7 experience.)

Here we go!

The Pre-concert Story:

When I first found out that B.A.P was coming to Atlanta again this year, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go. Although they were one of the first groups I listened to when first getting into kpop back in 2015, I had just got into listening to them occasionally during the earlier part of last year.  My first songs were One Shot, Hurricane and Stop it, but the first album I got into, love me or hate me, was Carnival. I loved how they were so versatile. How they could do the dark concepts and the bright fluffy ones, but I still feel as if I did not know enough to attend a full concert and enjoy.

I decided I would give it a go. I actually found out late that they would be coming, but there were still a good amount of tickets left when I checked Ticketmaster. Being the procrastinator and frugal person I am, I waited it out. I knew I wanted the full experience with the hi-touch, because, why not. Also, I knew the members, have my biases, enjoyed their personalities, and I wanted to know what it was like to see them up close. When I finally did decide, there was one P1 ticket left, and I would be going alone.

Because I wanted to meet a few people, and try to have a better experience, I joined a group on Facebook, and put a call out on Twitter. Because I don’t exactly know how these things work, I wasn’t too successful at making a friend on Twitter, but I was decently active in the Facebook group and I had a couple of decent conversations with the people on there. This brings me to point 1.

1. BABYz are very nice, helpful and welcoming.

I posted in the group and engaged in conversation, but I did not right away mention that this would be my first time seeing B.A.P because I wasn’t sure of what I was walking into. What I did enjoy the most – and it might make me sound like a creeper – is that anytime someone had a question or a need there would be a flood of people to respond to help. They were willing to give rides, help people find a place to stay. They were beyond nice and I loved it! Also when I did engage in conversations, I didn’t feel like an outsider. What was also wonderful was when all the Atlanta things were going down – the I-85 bridge collapse and the bad storms – they were posting to the page to keep us all informed and seemed genuinely concerned about the safety of everyone. I don’t thing you can find a nicer group of people!

During the day of the concert I also met a few people who were just cool. I walked up and just started talking and it didn’t feel weird at all. I also enjoyed my seat buddies. I was sandwiched in between two moms, but they were super cool and the one daughter. I can’t remember her name, but she had pink hair and her bias was Youngjae.

I think I love BABYz and I think they are some people I can get down with.

Concert Day:

The day started early. It was storming here in Atlanta, and I wasn’t sure if the concert would happen. I was constantly watching the weather, checking the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center (CEPAC) and Power House Twitters, the Facebook group, and praying all would work out and the show would go on. This brings me to point 2.

2. B.A.P loves their BABYz and their BABYz are devoted to them.

From watching the guys posts on Instagram, I collected that they would have rather been doing other things instead of being stuck in the stormy weather, and it seemed as if they were also worried if the show would happen. They also mentioned this at the show. They were grateful that the fans came out to see them even in the bad weather, and it brightened their day.

From the posts in the Facebook group I was a part of, there were plenty of people that were out at the venue I believe around 12 – 2 p.m. Meaning they had to stand in a few drizzles, it could have been worse, I’m not entirely sure. I just know that if you are willing to stand out in the rain, while there are severe weather threats in the area, you have to love your boys! Nothing was going to stop these brave ladies and gentlemen from seeing their beloved group. I can appreciate that devotion! I, on the other hand, waited it out because I was coming from almost an hour away, CEPAC is a a seated venue, and I didn’t want to put my safety at risk.

Upon entering the theater, I realized my seat was way closer than I thought (Row B, Seat 15). I was about 7 rows back and dead center, so I knew I would be right in the thick of the hardcore fans, or at least right behind them.

Before B.A.P came out to perform, they had the DJ B. Shoo on the turntables, which brings me to point 3.

3. They just want us to have a good time, and B. Shoo knows how to get the party started!

B. Shoo, I first want to say, was a great DJ. I can’t remember all of the songs he played during his set, nor do I know all of them, but I can say he did a fantastic job. When he began mixing, I just felt like dancing, and that is why he was there. He definitely got the crowd pumped and ready for the show. I personally think if B.A.P wasn’t the main focus of the night, he could’ve continued to rock the house for hours. It would’ve been a cool thing minus the chairs, and add some drinks. I would’ve been down for that party!

Before the concert, reading up online, this is basically what was the goal of the show. B.A.P just wanted to party with us and have a good time. When it became close to time for the guys to come out. B. Shoo counted us down, and it was time to see the headliners – B.A.P.

Before they came to the stage, on the screens they did a sort of behind the scenes thing where they traveled through their waiting area and as they made their way to the stage, and they were definitely showing love to the camera. It was wonderful!

They made it to the stage and began performing, and I have to say they had way more energy than I thought they would on a crumby, rainy kind of day. But they were jumping around, working the crowd and having a great time. The visuals and sensory going into the show was vivid and amazing, which brings me to point 4.

4. They produce a show that deserves a much larger scaled theater or arena.

They had screens, strobe lights, smoke machines, confetti, soooo much confetti! There was so much to look at and take in, in such a small space. It was wonderful and I loved it, and I know they could work a bigger venue. First, I will say that I definitely enjoy when acts come to CEPAC because it is an intimate setting, and I love the fact there is not a bad seat in the house. Also, no matter where you are in the theater, the artists on stage can see you. But part of me just wonders, what the show could have been if the stage were larger and they  performed for a larger crowd.

I also want to point out a moment of disappointment that I felt when I got a chance to look around the theater. It felt like there were so many empty seats in the audience. This could have been partially due to the weather, but I know for a fact that part of it was ticket sales also. From the day that I bought my ticket at the beginning of March, up until the show, there were still seats left on Ticketmaster. I don’t know what happened here, but they deserve way better than that – now knowing what a live show for them is like, and for it to be such a small venue. Honestly it can’t be that hard to fill 2,300 seats. Anywhoo… I digress… Let’s talk about that confetti!

5. Confetti

I have to say that I definitely love moments of surprise, and I am a fan of confetti. But there was so much! I loved it and hated it all at the same time. They blasted it off about five times during Do What I Feel and Dancing in the Rain, and it came down in blankets. The only reason I mention this is because I have a fear of things getting into my eyes. So while it was fun, I did spend a good majority of that time with my eyes squinted or closed. Glad I caught it on camera, though!

I feel this post hedging on the long side. so I will get to the point!

6.  During Ments

The guys had moments of silliness and heartfelt moments. You were able to see their full personalities and see exactly how much they loved performing and sharing moments with the fans. I definitely enjoyed the BABYz Lounge they did. At this part of the show, one of the members would pick a fan from the audience who was wearing the special outfit theme he chose. On this night, it was Youngjae’s turn, and his theme was home party/pajama party. I loved how he was fearless in calling his fan to the stage. Going back to my point to where they can see you no matter where you are in the CEPAC, Youngjae called his fan all the way from the third balcony! He saw him and pointed him out! BOOM! there it is.

All of the members treated the fan very nicely. They had a drink with him – I believe it was some sort of juice – and did a selfie video  with him, and gave him the memory card. What a lucky fella, right!?

7. Solo Stages

Dear God! The solo stages were amazing! Youngjae, Daehyun, Jongup and Zelo all performed solo stages, and they were all amazing! When got home I searched forever to see if they were songs that were on albums, but as of now… no. This makes me sad because they were all so good! these gentlemen have power! Not only do they add so much value to the group as a whole, but I truly believe the could all do well as solo acts. Of them all, I’d have to say Jongup and Daehyun would come in first for me at this show because of the showmanship the dancing and the vocals were amazing. And Zelo and Youngjae would come close after.

There were many highlights of the show and personal ones I have of my own, but for the sake of the length of this post, I will move on to hi-touch.

8. Hi-Touch

When they say hi-touch, they mean touch – not shake. LOL! The order below is the order they were standing for hi-touch.

Zelo – when I came upon Zelo, he was standing in somewhat of a wide stance, making him appear shorter than usual. He had the cutest little smile and reached out for my hand. I grabbed his hand firmly, but daintily  and thanked him  for such an amazing show. In return he thanked me for coming. It was a sweet moment.

Jongup – I firmly grabbed and shook his hand while looking him in the eyes and thanked him for the show. He smiled and nodded and that was that.

Youngjae – We had quite the awkward encounter, because I went to shake his hand like I did with Zelo and Jongup before him, but he wasn’t having it – haha! I found myself with my hand awkwardly wrapped around his hand, which was stiffly straight and his arm being clasped by his other hand. I’m not sure if he was expecting a strong high-five or what. In this awkwardness, I thanked him, and he just smiled, closed his eyes and nodded at me. 🙂 I hope I didn’t make him feel weird.

Daehyun – I’ve always admired him and thought he was handsome, but when I saw him up close, I got to see just how beautiful he was. I reached out for his hand, and he firmly grasped and cupped my hand – almost like a hug for my hand, if you will. I told him thank you and I enjoyed the show. With my hand still in his, he gave the biggest smile, tilted his head to the side, bowed slightly and told me thank you. I will never forget the sparkle in his eyes or that smile he had. He’s so lovely.

Yonggugk –  My very first bias from the group, I experienced, yet, another awkward situation because he was already laughing about something before I got to him. He was holding his and pretty straight much like Youngjae, and again I grabbed awkwardly. I told him thank you, and he nodded at me with a big grin, which I believe was a bit of the residual laugh he was having from before. We never really made eye contact 🙁

Himchan – again I was stunned by beauty. Himchan is at the top of my list, my bias. and this show sealed the deal. I came up to Himchan grabbed his hand and he firmly grabbed back and enclosed mine in his. He was already leaning in slightly. I told him thank you and smiled. He smiled and nodded. He uncupped my hand, but didn’t let go of it. So again, like my GOT7 hi-touch, I was walking away and my hand was still firmly in his.

As I was dazed, walking away in the wrong direction, hand still in Himchan’s, staff quickly corrected me by turning me in the right direction and yelling “Wrong way”. This I did not appreciate because she was a little too forceful. It kind of hurt my arm when she grabbed me to turn me, and I was pretty embarrassed that such a lovely night ended this way. I believe she was with Power House. Even though this happened, I won’t let it ruin my memories.

I quite enjoyed seeing B.A.P live for the first time, and I would love to do it again. From what I know, this is the second time they have been to Atlanta. They came last year for Live on Earth Tour and again this year. If they come again next year, with any luck, I’ll look forward to learning more at that show.

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