Try Everything

This post is one week overdue. Apologies to my friend Kieran. Last Wednesday, after I finished research for my thesis, my classmate invited me to hear her play at her boyfriend’s gig. I should give some background here. Kieran plays the Irish flute and has invited me and some other classmates many times in the past to hear her play. Honestly, I always wanted to go but I was afraid of going alone. I had never told anyone this of course, but my fear never stifled my curiosity. Kieran and I had also had several conversations about Irish culture, and I was even more eager to know what a traditional music session was like.  She had explained to me that they can turn from playing instruments, to dancing, to singing and that anyone who knows the songs being played can join in. Looking back, I don’t know why I was so nervous to go by myself. Anyway, last Wednesday when she invited me to the gig, I said yes without hesitation. I had intended to ask her that evening if she had any upcoming gigs, but the universe was way ahead of me.

When we got to the restaurant, we quickly realized this wasn’t like the  gigs she had told me about in the past. Her boyfriend’s friends and family came to support and some of the local dance students were in attendance as well. The restaurant had cleared out a dance space on the floor and were great in trying to help us find a table. Kieran apologized because she didn’t want to leave me alone while she played. I admit, my anxiety set in quickly and it would have been easy for me to tell her “don’t play” or for me leave after the first set, but I really wanted to hear her and everyone else play. I also wanted to see  the dancing and possibly hear a slow air. Jake decided not to play a slow air that night though, but there was a little dance competition. It was so cool and complex! All in all, it was good fun. I met Maxine, an up and coming  animator. Check out her work here. She was really nice and explained stuff to me. We talked about a range of topics from music to YouTube to science and the world ending. I also met some other members of Jake’s family, who were all so kind and welcoming.  Really, it was no different than hanging out with my friends and family watching any other musician play at a restaurant. Honestly, I made a bigger deal of it in my head than it was. lol

My point is, that it’s okay to do things by yourself sometimes and to step out of your comfort zone. You never know who you might meet or where that decision will take you in life. Like Shakira says, “Try Everything“. New experiences are good! Check out my Instagram for some video of the night.

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